WATCH | Last-minute rush or planning weeks in advance: Travelling rituals and tips to help smooth out your next holiday

2019-12-02 12:07 - Saara Mowlana
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Check out these travelling rituals & useful tips to help smooth out your next holiday. (Photo: iStock)

What are your pre-trip habits and rituals?

Some of the staff at have shared their tricks and tips of the trade when it comes to long-haul or quickie travels.

Are you the studious traveller who starts weeks in advance prepping and gearing up for your next adventure or someone who wings it the morning of?

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Do you find yourself needing to visit certain restaurants or bars one last time before hitting the road or leave without a second glance?

Whether you're a last minute packer or a pedantic list-maker, these are some tips you might find useful.

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Pre-trip rituals and tips:

Watch some of's regular travellers give you the scoop on their pre-trip habits and rituals as well as tips and tricks of the trade below:

  • Measure out your trip: When, what and how you pack can be determined by the length of your trip, how far you have to travel and the means by which you are travelling. Taking this into account can help you determine how much you ought to pack and what can be left behind to save space.
  • Weather your packing storm: Check the weather of your destination to avoid packing a clump of the wrong seasonal clothing or forgetting a jacket for any unpredictable weather that might spring up.

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  • List it out: Making packing lists can save you the headache and worry of forgetting any essentials. Perhaps break up your lists into segments of things you have and need to get or into individual components of toiletries, clothing and tech adapters etc. Simply tick them off as you pack them in and refer to the list one more time before bolting out of your door. If you’re travelling with a group for a weekend road trip – share lists to see what items can be shared among you, like toothpaste, toilet paper or shampoo.
  • Document your documents: Make sure that you have all of your documents in order – like passports, visas or IDs and place them somewhere safe in the carry on bag or fanny pack you choose to don. Perhaps invest in a travel purse which offers a partitioned haven to keep all your doccies organised and happy.

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  • Plan out your outfits: Instead of grabbing a slew of random pants or tees – plan out outfit ideas you could wear over about four days and can mix and match (you can tailor the amount according to the length of your stay). This helps you pack smartly and save space.
  • Pack a spare to avoid delayed luggage despair: There’s nothing quite as daunting as arriving at your destination only for your suitcase and luggage to be playing a game of hide and seek or catch up. Always pack one extra outfit with fresh undies and some small toiletry essentials in your carry on bag in the unfortunate event that this should happen.

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  • Stay hydrated: The best thing to do on a flight which tends to seemingly suck all of the moisture out of its cabin is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and keep your skin clean, fresh, and slickly hydrated – this will ensure you arrived refreshed and helps stave off some of the jet lag of long-haul flights.
  • Weigh your luggage at home: To avoid having to open your life in the packed and rushing hub of the airport terminal and select which of your items won’t be joining you on your next tropical or city escape. It’s always best to weigh your luggage before you leave home and shed the excess luggage weight there rather than a crowded terminal. That way you can reorganise or pack items and smartly choose which of your favourite outfits get to go with you and which have to sit this trip out without the prying eyes of fellow angsty travellers on you from check-in queues.
  • Festival or camping hacks: If you’re not in the mood to lug around a big pillow or heavy inflatable mattress (even in its deflated state) why not bring along an empty pillow case and a yoga mat? You can simply stuff and soften the pillow case with some of your clothing items to build your own pillow and pop your sleeping bag on a yoga mat to help add a little cush to your sleepy tush.
  • Bring a spare roll: Bring a spare roll of toilet paper to avoid having to drip dry.
  • Eat well before your travels: Having a good meal before jetting off can help ward off the dark demon that is hanger – especially when you’ve already got to navigate the stresses and worries while trekking the globe or the road.

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