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Action! SA entry ranks in top 10 in the 'Oscars' of tourism films
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SA Tourism's 'Meet South Africa. Meet Bheki the Mbhaco Maker' film is ranked tops by the International Committee of Tourism Film...

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As airports become more high-tech and efficient, there has been growing concerns around the data collected from passengers.

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Five of the world's seven turtle species have visited South Africa's waters, two of which nest every year in KwaZulu-Natal's...

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The airline that currently operates the world's longest flight between Australia and Europe, as well as the first zero-waste flight...

Kirstenbosch's mountains take home 37th gold at the Chelsea Flower Show
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Kirstenbosch's flower display, called 'Mountains of Abundance', will be bringing home gold from the world-famous flower festival.

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Hailing from the last ice age, the Clanwilliam Cedar tree needs the help of humans to survive climate change in the Cederberg...

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