Travel List Printables: Prep like a pro for your next road trip

2018-09-13 12:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Don't forget anything behind on your next road trip by using these nifty travel packing printables! (Photo: iStock)

Have you ever found yourself stumped when it comes to packing for travel?

Or have you ever ended up forgetting some vital thing on your kitchen table in that last minute before jetting out the door and onto the open road?

Well, fret no further, because we are here to bless you with three key travel lists with the basics already on it for you to check off before you jet off.

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If you've ever felt that if it weren't for the clothes on your back you might just be laid bare during a vacation. - you might want to use and add to this printable:


Graphic: Saara Mowlana / Traveller24 

[download the printable here]

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There's no greater loss to have to digest than arriving at your destination only to realise you forgot your soap or special shampoo at home. Avoid having to take that L with this nifty list to print:


Graphic: Saara Mowlana / Traveller24

[download the printable here]

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Ah, the vast unknown must-have list. The one comprised of that double adapter point you left in the drawer at home and the one book or game to save you from unforeseen potential boredom. Don't be caught off guard this holiday and check off some of the following other vacay needs:


Graphic: Saara Mowlana / Traveller24 

[download the printable here]

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Why not create your own list by using the blank template printable below:


Graphic: Saara Mowlana / Traveller24

[download the printable here]

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