No visa, no veil? Saudi Arabia looks to ease rules for tourists

2017-08-02 09:46
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Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a "semi-autonomous" visa-free travel destination along its North-western Red Sea coast.

Red Sea Coast

The Red Sea area will include diving attractions and a nature reserve and there are suggestions that the kingdom's strict rules on women's veils and gender segregation could be waived in the tourist haven.

This could be a massive movement away from gender rules READ: Why wearing a mini-skirt can get you arrested in Saudi Arabia 

The resort area will be developed with seed capital from the country's Public Investment Fund.

The fund said on 31 July 2017 that the project will be built along 200 kilometers of coastline and is tailored toward global luxury travelers and those seeking wellness travel. A genre of tourism associated with personal well-being and health will be imminent at the resort.

The shoreline of the beautiful and picturesque waters of the Red Sea coast along Saudi in the city of Rais.

Implementation to grow the tourism market has been a focus for Saudi READ: Saudi Arabia sets new hotel record with 30 000 hotel rooms coming

The Saudi Commission for Tourism did not immediately respond to an Associated Press request for more details on the rules.

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