How to hack your way to smoother travels

2018-12-08 12:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Hack your way to smoother travels with these nifty tips and tricks. (Photo: iStock)

There's nothing more unnerving than the stress ball of the last few moments built up before a trip.

The worries of whether you packed enough, too little or too much coupled with worries about the possibility of forgetting your passport or universal adapter at home is a truly nightmarish ordeal.

But fret not our dear travellers, Traveller24 has got your back and its pack covered!

Avoid the pesky travel blues and sighs with this roundup of our best travel tips and hacks sure to have you cruising the road, seas and skies smoothly for your next vacay.

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Smooth travels require a smooth and solidified foundation to take off, and, if you're worried about just how to cement down a solid travel plan - these hacks and tips are bound to help:

There's no point in going any farther in planning for a trip if you somehow make a mishap in its booking stages. We're all messy humans, so be sure to quadruple check everything (with a friend in tow) before clicking the daunting confirm button.

From measuring your trip to safeguarding and ensuring your doccies to strategically listing out packing lists and checking them thrice (with an extra pair of eyes).

For those who need a little listicle assistance, here are three vital pre-made list templates and a blank for you to craft your own at your leisure.

Booking a group holiday can be a horror or a dream. It's all about group dynamics and communication. These 10 tips are sure to assist you in quelling those stresses and ensuring smooth group travel.

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Another major potential headache that can arise when embarking on a new trip is the challenge of packing. How does one really know when enough is enough and how to save space for this unspecified amount of 'enough'?

Well, these tips are sure to have you packing in your sleep for your next trip:

(Do this at your own peril and double check if you do decide to pack in your sleep...)

These tips are sure to tame even the most messy of packers and packing storms. From pre-packing to rolling with the clothing punches, there's bound to be a tip that assists you wade the mess and come out a pro.

Now that you've survived the mess, the next step is recognising how much is too much - of even organised and neat packing. With advice suggesting padding yourself up in layers for the travel battle and ways to 'capsule pack' - you won't want to skimp on these packing hacks.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to zip up your toiletry bag or having to use three different ones just to compensate for all of your daily needs? Well, cut down on toiletry space for your next weekend escape with these quick hacks!

Have you ever seen 'self-catering' on a resort's website and felt mortified at the thought of what equipment and items await your arrival? Well, these tips are sure to help you avoid those dreaded self-catering nightmares. 

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In Transit:

So, you've managed to successfully plan and pack for your trip, but the battle is a far cry from over. Now comes the fight of the short or long haul travel. From making sure you don't lose your carefully collected docs to not losing your cool or falling prey to jetlag - these tips have got you covered:

Beating the nasty beast that is jetlag starts, coincidentally at home, but here are the best ways you can beat it in advance and while in transit!

There's nothing quite as stressful as the permanent worry of losing your passport and legal doccies while in transit. Not to mention the stresses that accompany where to safeguard your legal docs while settled into a new destination in new unchartered (by you) lands... Find out how best to avoid this stress with these tips.

Travelling with the whole family can be a neverending migraine, but what if I told you there are ways to survive a road trip without completely having to go full Get-Out-hypnosis on your carpool peeps? Well, why not find out how you can successfully keep everyone entertained and maintain your sanity in the process.

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At the Destination:

Have you ever found yourself feeling like a hostage in a hostel? Well, with these nifty tricks and tips, your hotel horrors shall, hopefully, be no more. From repurposing hotel appliances and items to saving some serious cash - you'll be eating kettle boiled eggs and wearing bath-washed clothes in no time!

Solo-Parent Travel:

Travelling with your family can be tough work - particularly as a single parent. But fret not, dear solo-moms and dads, these trip tips and tricks are sure to keep you and the kids relaxed and entertained!

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A Kiff hack bonus:

We caught up with the Kiffness to find out what the holidays have in story, along with his latest travel hacks and tips - and there's even a hack to deal with crappy airline headphones!

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