Father's Day: 15 Top travel gadgets to spoil dad

2018-06-01 06:30
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Father and son using Virtual Reality glasses sitti

The third Sunday of June in South Africa is dedicated to celebrating and recognising the important role that fathers play in society.

Honour your father/s, celebrate fatherhood and recognise the importance of paternal bonds this Father’s Day by spoiling the father figure in your life.

Socks, ties and cards are so overdone - why not treat 'pops', or yourself (if you’re a great dad!), to something different this year with some gadgets and goods that can make his, and your, travels much better and simpler.

Charge up

  • Get your dad the gift of green, free, instant electricity while he’s travelling. All his devices can get a boost while he's on the go as long as there's direct sunlight. Whether enjoying the outdoors, in transit, or somewhere remote, this portable solar charger is perfect for ensuring your devices are ready to use no matter where you are in the world. So open it up, place the panels in direct sunlight and plug and play. It’s that simple. Whether on a roof, the back of a backpack or just on a sunny spot on the floor get ready for free and instant charging - all day long with this Maniska Portable Solar Charger.   

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  • If it's not too sunny or you're stuck in a car all day travelling, perhaps it's better to consider the eGear Volt USB 12V XL Adapter. This handy device will enable your 'old man' to keep all his gadgets charged up on those long drives or while camping within immediate proximity of the car. With two USB outlets, this is a convenient tool to keep everything charged.

Stay in touch

  • Dad will never be out of contact for too long, no matter where he is if you get him the Skyroam Solis. Bringing together the dual modern necessities of power and WiFi into a single gadget. One of the greatest impediments to travel in the 21st century - lack of a reliable WiFi/data connection - needn’t be a problem any longer thanks to the Skyroam Solis. With super fast, unlimited 4G LTE mobile WiFi available worldwide at the touch of a button, without needing a sim - this is a great gift for helping fathers on the move stay in touch.

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Keep it clean

  • Throw away the lazy stereotype of a dishevelled traveller with wrinkled clothing and get dad the Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron. We understand that your bags are full and are only likely to get fuller as you go along with your travels. This tiny steam iron, not much bigger than a modern smartphone, is an easy way to keep your garments looking fresh and you looking fresher. Alternatively, get dad a Bizon mini Steamer for clothes, fabric, and draperies to keep him business-ready for when he hops off the plane and into that suit. 

Chill out

  • Sometimes it's okay to laze around for a bit and kick your feet up. In fact, it could be said that that’s an essential part of any travel experience. Help the father figure in your life relax with one of these blow up lazy boy chairs. Perfect for any event or destination, these lazy boys are easy to set up. Just open the mouth, pull in the air and seal it shut. Take a load off, relax, enjoy in comfort on an Airmock Inflatable Sofa

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  • A quick and easy solution for many problems is the Micro Bead Travel Pillow. Want to but can’t sleep during a flight? Get the Micro Bead Travel Pillow. Do you get neck pain from long-haul flights? Get the Micro Bead Travel Pillow. Are you just in need of a pillow? Well then, get the Micro Bead Travel Pillow for the next long flight or drive and keep dad’s neck in comfort.

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Pack it up

  • You've got the pillow and you've got the chairs, now all you need is the right bag. A good one to get is the waterproof Multipurpose "dry bag". With a 10-litre capacity, there is plenty of room to store all your valuables and things that need to stay dry while out travelling and exploring. Keep your clothes, food, documents and digital devices dry whether you’re on the road, out in the wilderness doing outdoor activities or just walking around a wet town or city.   

Light and shadow on sandy beach with yellow waterp(Photo: iStock)

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Keep the fire burning

  • Ah a good old braai, that classic fatherly pastime where meat meets fire and smoke meets eye. No matter where you are in South Africa, if you’re travelling around the country you’re almost certain to get a braai going. Kick dad’s braai game up a few notches with the Asado Flameboy. No mere braai tong, this is a super-functional braai master tool! The last braai tool you may ever need, the Asado Flameboy Braai Multi-Tool laughs at your basic braai tong and its need to be augmented with other utensils. With the ability to cut rolls, chop vegetables, grab a boerie, toss a salad all whilst opening a beer and unscrewing a bottle of wine, the Flameboy has got you covered. There is even a slot for a lighter so really, just bring wood, charcoal and meat if you’re travelling with a Flameboy. 

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  • So you got dad the Flameboy but you’ve realised that you're missing a grid. No worries, we’ve got you sorted for one of the best travel-ready grids. The ATG Collapsible Braai Grid, ready to be assembled and dismantled with ease and adjustable to suit your every need, is available for those looking to cook some food over an open flame. This is a Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving as it will likely be functional for the rest of your life. It fits neatly into the bag that is made of high tenacity nylon fabric that is rot-resistant, waterproof, mould-resistant and UV-resistant. 

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  • Looking for something compact and portable to get the fire started? Look no further than the Outset Collapsible Camping Grill & Chimney Starter. Wherever your adventure takes you, you can be sure that taking this all-in-one combo will get your food cooked quick and easy. Dad will love the fact that he needs no lighter fluid and no tools are required for assembly, making this a traveller must-have. 

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Stay hydrated

  • Help dad stay hydrated and disease-free with a LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter. The perfect tool for dad when he's out exploring the world, this personal carbon filtration system eliminates contaminants, odours and tastes. Don’t let its size fool you as this durable steel straw removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns. It surpasses EPA filter standard without batteries, pumping or additional chemicals. A great way to let dad know you care is to not let him get typhoid. 

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Be prepared

  • If the father figure in your life is always out there in the wilderness, why not help him see more and further with the Malkin 8 x 21 Roof Prism Binocular. Compact yet powerful, the Malkin comes in a handy pouch and sling to ensure that dad never misses a sight. The Malkin has a field of view of 126m at 1000 metres. 
  • Every traveller and outdoor adventurer needs a good, multi-purpose utility knife. Get dad the Cape Union 8 Function Multi-Knife. Wine bottles, tangled ropes, squeaky hinges and more will cease to be a problem. 
  • Help dad keep track of his travels with the Travel Edition of The Scratch Map Poster. Fitting into a sturdy tube, this map is meant to accompany the traveller on their journeys across the globe. What sets this map apart is that you are able to scratch off the top layer of whichever place you’ve been or are going to, creating a neat, visual way to keep a log of your travels. The reverse side of the map, among other things, has travel tips, a white space for planning and a place to stick photographs.