A hotel TV can charge your phone - and more Suzelle DIY travel hacks

2018-12-10 12:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Suzelle DIY tells Traveller24 her top destinations and travel hacks. (Photo: Suzelle DIY)

Coming in hot ready to dish up some festive travel tips and hacks, Suzelle DIY is very organised when it comes to going on holiday (or maybe it's Marianne?)

The Youtube superstar gave Traveller24 a little sneak peek into her travel life, and what her keDezemba plans are.

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Do you have a destination at the top of your bucket list? 

I've been to a lot of places, but I'd love to visit Mexico because it must be the most colourful, creative place in the world and I love tacos and margaritas. Delicious!

Where will you be spending your Christmas holiday?

I'm going to visit my Oupa on his farm in Oudtshoorn for some lovely family time. It's a really special place.

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What is your favourite travel destination in SA?

I love visiting Hermanus. It's very close to Somerset West but you feel like you are in a totally different relaxing vibe. I also love the Kruger National Park.

Tell us a bit about your favourite trip that you’ve taken either for work or leisure?

I went to Hong Kong last year for a live event. It was for Heritage Day and I felt like a real celeb. Lots of people came to see me. I loved Hong Kong, but it was so humid my hair bun was melting.

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What can’t you travel without?

My passport (obviously) - no but seriously guys I can't travel without my neck pillow (which I actually made myself) and wet wipes.

What kind of traveller are you – super organised with an itinerary or prefer to go where the wind takes you? 

Marianne is actually the organised one, so when she comes with me she can get quite stressed out about sticking to an itinerary. I'm more of a free spirit. I'll have some things I want to do but if something more interesting comes up I will just go with the flows.

Who is your favourite travel buddy?


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What was your worst travel experience?

I've never been anywhere I didn't like, but I once got stuck in an airport on a 20-hour layover in Dubai. That was very irritating.

What’s your top tip for getting comfortable in a new place?

I like to unpack all my toiletries and clothes so that I can see everything and that my dresses aren't wrinkled. I make sure I've always got some water and snacks for emergencies.

What’s the best way to maximise the space in your luggage when travelling?

Put small amounts of your shampoos and soaps in small ziplockies. That can save a lot of space. Also it's good to roll your clothes instead of folding them.

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Do you have a favourite souvenir you’ve picked up on your travels?

I like to collect magnets from every place that I visit. Then I feel happy every time I open my fridge.

What is the best travel hack you’ve ever used?

Did you know that most TVs in hotels have a little USB outlet to charge your phone? Mind blown. 

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