INFOGRAPHIC: The top rated nationalities in the world and where SA ranks

2019-11-21 08:55 - Gabi Zietsman
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Not all citizenships are created equal, but the  Quality of Nationality Index(QNI) tells you just by how much.

Whether you're from a tiny country or a massive one, many factors determine how valuable your nationality is to your life - and why many might seek a nationality elsewhere.

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“It’s clear that our nationalities have a direct impact on our opportunities and on our freedom to travel, do business, and live longer, healthier, and more rewarding lives," says Professor Dimitry Kochenov, an expert in passports who created the index alongside Dr Christian Kaelin. 

"The reality that the QNI describes is, in many respects, unfair and regrettable: in the majority of circumstances, our nationality plays an important role in establishing a highly irrational ceiling for our aspirations.

“The QNI is a clear illustration of the simple fact that speaking of the different nationalities of the world as equal, or even comparable, is misleading. We see that some nationalities offer bundles of rights, while others, quite clearly, are painful liabilities, dragging down the holders.” 

France came out on top, leading the top 10 with only European countries, while the US didn't even crack the top 20, ranked at number 25. South Africa came in at 85th, and is the only African nationality rated as 'medium quality'.

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infographic about quality of nationality index

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