WATCH: Travel to Africa's Big 5 of luxury hotels

2018-09-25 19:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Choose one of Africa's best luxury hotels for your next travel adventure!

Africa is home to some of the most breath-taking luxury hotels in the world.

From Egypt to Morocco, we've got you covered for extravagant holiday destinations.

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Check out Africa's top five best luxury hotels below:

5. Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club - Mount Kenya, Nanyuki, Kenya

Get stunning views of Mount Kenya as well as a luxury holiday experience! Some of the experiences offered at this 100-acre destination includes horseback riding, a golf course and an animal orphanage!

You can snap away at incredible vistas of Mount Kenya from the quaint market town of Nanyuki - which is famous for its farming and animal conservation. 

4. Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel - Cape Town, South Africa

This luxurious gem is nestled right in the nook of the bustling city's heart and it offers guests an authentic Cape cultural experience. The hotel was painted in its signature pink back in 1918 to signify 'peace'. You can be sure to grab some insta-worthy shots of the surrounding area during a painting masterclass or simply kick back to relax at the hotel's luxury spa. 

Cape Town, affectionately dubbed 'The Mother City', is one of SA's three capital cities and is notorious for capturing the hearts of all who tread its streets and rough landscapes. From stunning mountains, like the world wonder of Table Mountain to Lion's Head, that emerge from its earth to gorgeous harbours that many creatures from seals to whales favour, the city is a beauty in every right. 

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3. Palais Faraj - Fez, Morocco

This incredible suite and spa will have you never wanting to leave! Visit for the jaw-dropping, vibrant and intricate traditional architecture and stay for the luxurious spa experience. Fez is one of Morocco's oldest and most historic and iconic cities. It is popular for its incredible tanneries - which are large clay or stone wells used to dye leather. 

2. The Nile Ritz-Carlton - Cairo, Egypt

This iconic and luxury hotel sits snugly along the lip of the legendary river Nile. You can be sure to enjoy incredible views while sitting and sipping back in their buzzing rooftop bar or while lapping it out in their Olympic-sized swimming pool. 

In Cairo you'll find an amazing blend of traditional and modern architecture - which both preserves Egypt's history while also boasting its status as a 'smart city'. 

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1. Banyan Tree - Mahé, Seychelles 

This beach-side resort in the tropical haven of Seychelles has slid in at the lucky number one spot. The stunningly located resort boasts a range of activities making it suitable to families, couples or singles. You can pop by the amazing wildlife conservation centre nearby or simply enjoy the Banyon tree spa and infinity pool and round up your day over at a Rum Shack Beach Bar. 

The resort sits comfy along the south-western coastline of Mahé - treating your eyes to views of striking white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. 

These are just some of the incredible luxury hotels in Africa - which one will host your next AfriTravel escape?

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