5 Ways to combat your fear of being struck by a terrorist attack

2015-11-23 19:30
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Cape Town - Sadly, travelling means living in a world where anything could happen. Travellers could get lost at any given turn, have their flight delayed or even find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yet, unlike seeing your iPhone’s battery wane away – you may not know when you could be part of a terrorist attack. 

Sadly, terror attacks have become part and parcel of the global village we live in.

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However, we are here to tell you that isolating yourself from the world may not be what you need to do to avoid one.

What you need to do is keep moving and exploring new destinations and be a “thoughtful ambassador for your country”, at least that's what the experts say.

While you are planning your next trip but wrestling with the fear of an attack, Yahoo Travel recommends you stay alert and remind yourself of the following:

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1. Realise being caught in a terrorist attack overseas is a small,statistical probability. 

What does being a South African overseas mean? If you think that staying indoors in South Africa is safer than travelling to a new destination you might just be surprised. According to Yahoo, you stand a higher risk of drowning in your own bath than dying from an attack. 

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2. Realise the difference between a terrorist attack happening and being a victim of one

Ask yourself if there is a high-risk of another terrorist attack happening in the next year? The answer most would give to that question is yes. Indirectly you let the terrorists win if you decide to narrow your world and then not get out. Stand in solidarity of those who have fallen victim and open your mind to the diversity of this world. 

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3. Focus on the more realistic dangers you may face

When travelling this holiday season you could face a higher risk of getting skin cancer, malaria or getting knocked off your scooter in Thailand. Always be as prepared as possible. 

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4. Recognise the real reason why you are so afraid of terrorist attacks 

We are more terrorized by man-made attacks than natural disasters which means everyone in the world  is constantly at risk of. A famous rule to explain this idea is “If it bleeds, it leads”. The more gruesome and dangerous something is often means it will gain more attention than that of a natural flood or a sinkhole forming. 

5. Find some comfort in the fact that uncertainty is more bothersome than actual risk

As we discussed before, you have a higher risks of lightning striking you dead, than dying during a terrorist attack.  This gives you more reason to look at the things you have within your control than those you don't. 

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