Where to find the best international foodie road trip for your palate preference

2018-12-30 16:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Here's where you can find the best road trips for your specific foodie needs. (Photo: iStock)

Who doesn't enjoy a lekker road trip with lekker treats speckled along the route?

Whether you're craving a light snack or a solid greasy meal - there's something to be said about the foodie stops that make or break a road trip.

And there's nothing quite as disheartening as choosing a destination ill suited to your dietary or tastebud preferences.

Gousto has taken on the mighty task in mapping out the best international routes suited for travellers based on their foodie and cuisine preference.

From BBQ to Vegan - check out the best foodie routes for each below:

Road trip the Texan BBQ Belt 

There's nothing like a good 'ol serving of basted Texan BBQ sourced straight from its state. Gousto has put together a list of stops that are sure to appease your appetite for some Texan-style roasted meats.

Check out the full route listing here

The ultimate foodie road trip through the steak capital - Argentina 

With Argentina’s tourism minister hoping to welcome over nine million tourists in 2019, what better way to celebrate all the culinary and scenic delights the country has to offer than with a foodie road trip from recipe box provider Gousto.

The words meat and Argentina are so often formed in the same sentence that you might get sick of hearing it….but you won’t get sick of eating it. 

Check out the full route listing here

Swim through this Vietnam Seafood route

Situated on the glistening coast of the South China Sea, the Vietnamese have been fishing these waters for centuries and seafood has become a major part of their national cuisine. Here's where to enjoy some of the best of it.  

Check out the full route listing here

Veg out in India along this vegetarian foodie route  

Tired of the unavoidable challenge of choosing a travel destination that also provides good and tasty vegetarian options? Well, Gousto has taken the liberty to map out a route in one of the major vegetarian accommodated destinations: India.

Check out the full route listing here

Trail the European Vegan Interrail  

Veganism - a term that once made you think of smelly hippies eating tofu has now become a lifestyle that people from all walks of life are embracing, including Paul McCartney and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Check out the full route listing here 

A Christmas road trip exploring the culinary delights of Lapland 

The countdown to Christmas has already begun so it’s time to take the festive trip of your families dreams as Gousto has done all the hard work for you and mapped out the ultimate foodie road trip through Lapland.Last year Lapland broke its record for tourism and its expecting to be a hit again this Christmas. 

Check out the full route listing here 

Quell your sweet tooth over in Italy

It's not just Piedmont that has delicious sweet treats to offer, each region of Italy boasts its own unique treat and what better way to experience the country, than by taking a foodie road trip.

Check out the full route listing here

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