MAPPED: The best of vegan Europe on an interrailing trip across the continent

2018-12-29 12:30
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Quinoa salad with beet root and spinach.

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Veganism - a term that once made you think of smelly hippies eating tofu has now become a lifestyle that people from all walks of life are embracing, including Paul McCartney and Leonardo Dicaprio.

According to Compare the Market there are more than 3.5 million vegans in Britain but it's not just Brits jumping on the bandwagon, people all over Europe are opting for this alternative lifestyle. This is good news for vegans as more and more amazing vegan eateries are popping up in cities all over the continent.

To get a taste of what's out there, recipe box provider Gousto has created the ultimate vegan interrailing trip through Europe to try some of its best and more interesting vegan offerings, while enjoying some of the most stunning train journeys the continent has to offer.

Where does the journey start?

Starting off in London we head to Manna, one of Europe's oldest gourmet vegetarian restaurants, and in recent years it opted to become 100% vegan. They have a huge menu full of gastronomic delights but we recommend you try the roasted root vegetable masala.

After you've had your fill in London time to catch the train to Paris and head over to 42 Degrés; a 100% raw vegan restaurant. All the offerings on their menu are made from raw or dehydrated food, it might sound unconventional or gimmicky but the food will convince you otherwise.

Germany, of course has a few stops on the trip as the Germans are quite possibly leading the vegan revolution with 18% of all global vegan product launches happening here.

Hamburg is home to Froindlichst The Vegan Muscateers which has an outrageous number of vegan delights, you’ll want to order the whole menu. Berlin is another great vegan hub, you can even get authentic Italian pizza here at Sfizy Veg which is run by an Italian expat.

Prague is the final city on the trip and a great stop for anyone who has a sweet tooth with one of the best gelaterias in Europe, Crème de la Crème, that has a whole section dedicated to vegan gelato - we recommend you try the pistachio flavour.


1. Manna, London - One of Europe’s oldest and finest gourmet establishments for vegetarian food that is now 100% vegan.

2. 42 Degrés, Paris - A raw food restaurant where all dishes are made from raw or dehydrated foods.

3. Mr and Mrs Watson, Amsterdam - A cheese lovers paradise; they make their own vegan cheese in-house to go with all their inventive dishes.

4. Froindlichst The Vegan Muscateers, Hamburg - An outrageously large variety of exclusively vegan delicacies such as sweet cake for the Zuckerzahn, hearty Burgers, Burritos & Pizza and fresh Bowls.

5. Sfizy Veg, Berlin - Real Italian pizza in Berlin; owned by an Italian expat and vegan who creates traditional north Italian pizza with a range of vegan cheeses.

6. Youmiko, Warsaw - 100% vegan sushi with options like marinated tomato (to replicate tuna nigiri) and crispy shiitake mushroom (like soft shell crab).

7. Moment Cafe, Prague - A cute little cafe tucked away on the outskirts of the city that is the perfect stop for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or desserts.

8. Crème de la Crème, Prague - If you've got a sweet tooth this will be your favourite stop; they have a range of vegan ice-creams, our favourite is the pistachio.

View the route:

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