The ins and outs of travelling around Japan for the Rugby World Cup 2019

2019-06-24 06:01 - Saara Mowlana - PARTNER CONTENT
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All you need to know about getting around Japan.

So, you’ve booked your travels to catch some live Rugby World Cup 2019TM match action in the home of Cherry Blossoms and Sushi, but you need to know how to get from host city to host city without breaking your bank. 

Well, here are some inside tips on the best ways to smoothly get in and around Japan without your wallet going completely threadbare. 

And it's useful to know that, in most cases, your Mastercard credit card, like Standard Bank’s Mastercard, can help you out when it comes to paying your way around Japan. 


Regular / regional trains are both a great and an efficient way to zip around Japan. These trains are also a scenic way to experience the country and its routes.  

Many of the ticket machines at train stations only accept cash, but you needn’t worry as international ATMs found around Japan accept Mastercard credit cards and some ticket machines are suited to accepting them too – so be sure to check.  

Alternatively, a visit to the train station ticket office can also help you and your Mastercard out. 

Bullet trains (Shinkansen), however, are more likely to accept Mastercard credit cards for ticket purchases -  granted you’re willing to splurge a bit more. 


Express buses 

Express buses are another efficient way to travel across Japan. Most of these companies accept Mastercards for ticket purchases – but always be sure to check first. If not, a visit to a nearby international ATM, travel agency or convenience store that sells these bus tickets beforehand could be helpful. 


Transit buses 

Many of these bus companies accept cash or IC Cards for ticket purchases. IC Cards are a form of rechargeable cards that you can purchase and top up with credit to use for travels. You could either opt to invest in one of these or merely visit a nearby international ATM with your Mastercard to draw some cash – just be sure to check that the ATM does accept Mastercard as well.  


In Japan, major taxi companies are more likely to accept Mastercards or IC Cards, but smaller taxis might not and many private taxis only accept cash. So, it’s best to be sure to carry some transit cash on you and to check the backseat window of the taxi before getting in – they often display a sign indicating whether they accept credit cards or not. And, for extra assurance, ask the taxi driver if they do or do not accept Mastercards.  

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