The foodie guide to Japan’s tastiest eateries

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Tokyo, Japan  - May 23, 2016: The window display o

Get munching around Japan at these quirky and unique foodie hot spots. (Photo: iStock)

The Rugby World Cup 2019TM is near and you’re trying to whip up your Japan itinerary – and it’ll be incomplete without some iconic and authentic Japanese foodie hot spots.

Naturally, you’d need to budget accordingly to fuel the foodie expedition that is traipsing around Japan and Standard Bank has some key budgeting tips to help get you started. These include:

  • Get all the info – Keep track of your income, tax and spending patterns. Know where you are going and what you’d like to do and buff out your itinerary in advance.
  • Do the math – Once you have this, start crunching the numbers and working out what your regular monthly expenditure is and how much of a cash cushion you have left.
  • Make some changes – Split your expenses into two main categories: your fixed costs (bills) and your flexible expenses (groceries, petrol etc.). This way you can control the flexible category for your travel activities without affecting your fixed costs. • Be committed – Write down your budget plan or stick it up on your fridge as a reminder so that you don’t slack too much and inhibit the enjoyment of your planned itinerary activities.
  • Track your process – Check in with your budget regularly, at least once a month, to ensure you’re on par with your savings and budget plan.

Now that your budget has been sorted and is on track... it’s time to get your munch on.

Japan is dense in truly unique food experiences and interesting themed cafes and restaurants.

Some of the top Japanese foodie hot spots you need to bookmark for your visit include:

Food Markets & Halls

You needn’t even seek out a quirky cafe to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Popping over to the local food market or stalls speckled around will open you up to a range of Japanese food from fresh sushi to fermented beans (Natto).

Vampire Cafe

But, of course, Japan is known for its themed cafes. You can be sure to live out your Twilight fantasies over at this cafe nestled in Tokyo’s neck of the Japanese woods.

Robot Cafe

If vampires aren’t your scene, this futuristic cafe located in Japan’s Shinjuku City of Tokyo. You can indulge in some funky foam art-topped cappuccinos as well as vibrant neon lights and robot designs.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe

Where better to nibble on some treats than in Wonderland? This cafe is decked out with red hearts, checkered floors and more to create a truly whimsical Alice-worthy experience.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

When visiting the home of Kawaii culture, it’s only fitting to immerse yourself in a Kawaii Monster Cafe experience. Situated in Harajuku of Tokyo, this vibrant spot will be sure to leave you feeling as though you’ve entered an anime world built to host anime icons from Naruto to Tokyo Mew Mew.

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