The cities Thapelo Mokoena loves most

2019-07-15 11:57 - ADVERTORIAL
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Thapelo firmly believes that “all the world's a stage” and that all of us, no matter what our profession, should get as much international exposure as possible. After all, experiencing new places and cultures helps us to expand our horizons. “We should see ourselves as citizens of world and not just a South African or Capetonian.”

Best known for hosting the first season of South Africa’s version of Fear Factor, the TV presenter, actor and producer loves exploring interesting destinations. Later this year he’ll be making his way to New York and Atlanta.

When he’s away from home, Thapelo makes sure he eats and sleeps well. “I usually Google some good food spots and pick a really good hotel, lodge or B&B to stay in. I also try to avoid having different drivers. I like to build a relationship with one driver and then have him (or her) drive me around.”

This is why he likes visiting his 3 favourite cities in the world:        

1. São Paulo, Brazil

The city has some really great jazzy spots. When I was there, I found a fantastic little corner restaurant called Figueira Rubaiyat with a superb Miles Davis collection. The eatery’s design was also epic – a celebration of black jazz legends in the middle of São Paulo.

If you’re looking for something to do, just take a walk outside your hotel. That’s all! Wake up, get out, and enjoy the vibe. Anywhere along Guarujá beach is also a good place to start. Don’t do the typical tourist thing. Get off the red tourist bus and (with some guidance and supervision) go and explore Brazil.

Insider tip: Take with a pair of Havaianas. If you don’t have any, don’t worry – you’ll find a shop that sells them at every corner.

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2. New York, USA

When you’re here, you’ve got to find a rooftop or an African Chop House event in Brooklyn that hosts different African cultures. I love the rich history of this neighbourhood! Also try visit Harlem if you have time.

I also really enjoyed eating at an Indian canteen called Adda. They serve mouthwatering biryani and curry that will make you want to go back.

Insider tip: You have to experience the best of both winter and summer, so visit more than once.

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3. Cape Town, South Africa

Get a driver, especially if you’re staying for a while. Uber is great, but if you just get one person to drive you around, you’re also empowering them. Most likely they will be able to show you cool spots that you were not aware of.

When I’m in the Mother City, I love eating at Hotel on the Promenade. They have delicious comfort food, like pastas. Cape Town’s First Thursdays are also the perfect opportunity to browse the galleries, shops, restaurants and boutiques in the city centre until 9pm. This is when the city really comes alive.

Insider tip If you like to see the sea, visit the Grand Africa Café & Beach. You can sit with your toes in the sand. For awesome views of the city, take a hike up Lion’s Head. The walk takes about 90 minutes and it’s definitely worth every second.

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