Say ‘konnichiwa’ to these must-do activities around Japan

2019-06-03 07:48 - Saara Mowlana - PARTNER CONTENT
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Buff out your Japanese itinerary ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2019TM. (Photo: iStock)

So, Rugby World Cup 2019TM is rearing its head soon and serves as the ideal excuse to soak up some Japanese culture and scenery in the host destination.

Japan is a melting pot of pop culture, meets nature, meets tradition and it’s reflected in the plethora of unique, authentic and tranquil activities that stretch its lands.

Of course, a major issue many find is the costliness of a destination as diverse and rich in culture and innovation as Japan. The key to avoiding this is by budgeting effectively and seeking out the lesser known, less-costly and mayhap more memorable experiences.

Standard Bank has some key budgeting tips to help get you started, these include:

  • Get all the info – Keep track of your income, tax and spending patterns. Know where you are going and what you’d like to do and buff out your itinerary in advance.
  • Do the math – Once you have this, start crunching the numbers and working out what your regular monthly expenditure is and how much of a cash cushion you have left.
  • Make some changes – Split your expenses into two main categories – your fixed costs (bills) and your flexible expenses (groceries, petrol etc.) – so that you can control the flexible category for your travel activities without affecting your fixed costs.
  • Be committed – Write down your budget plan or stick it up on your fridge as a reminder so that you don’t slack too much and inhibit the enjoyment of your planned itinerary activities.
  • Track your process – Check in with your budget regularly – at least once a month – to ensure you’re on par with your savings and budget plan.

Now that your budget has been sorted and is on track... Here are some must-do Japan activities that won’t completely break the bank:

Kick back in Japanese gardens and parks

On weekends, the local parks are known to come to life and burst with vibrancy and fun as locals come through in costumes, dance and perform and set an overall fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Watch a Sumo Practice

Where better to soak up Sumo culture than in Japan? You’ll find that some training facilities in Tokyo allow visitors to sit in on and spectate practice sessions – often for free.

Keep shrining

Soak up the richness of Buddhist culture in Japan as you visit some of its most beloved shrines and temples – from the popular Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo to the breath-taking plush Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto.

Take a trip to the past through Japanese old towns

While Japan is known for its technological and innovative growth that thrives in its neon concrete jungle cities, there is also a reflective side to the country that shows the beauty of Japanese cultural roots. Some old towns you can visit for a day to soak up some energy include: Kawagoe, Nara, Hida-Takayama and Magome to name a few.

Visit an organic tea farm beside Mount Fuji

There’s magic brewing beside Mount Fuji that is merely amplified from the iconic natural monument’s presence. Visit the Nihondaira tea fields to soak up some authentic Japanese green tea and the plush landscape that neighbours a beautiful view of Mount Fuji.

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