Find Your Escape: SA's best beaches

2017-11-10 16:40
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The sun’s out and surfs up! Can you feel the summer holidays calling? The sensation of sun on skin, as the heat soaks deep into your bones, is wonderful and if you haven't felt it in a while - the best thing to do is hit the beach.

This weekend we’ve rounded up a few of the iconic SA beach experiences for you to plan around. Because let’s face it - there’s more to beach life than sand and sunshine. It’s also the quality time you've been looking forward to spending with family and friends - including your furry ones

Currently, SA is home to 62 Blue Flag beaches so you know you're sunning yourself on the best of the best. In KwaZulu-Natal, it’s quite common to see large families unite on a beach trip. The best part about the Golden Mile of the East Coast is the warm, inviting water.

The Wild Coast – stretching from East London to Port Edward – is one of South Africa’s most remote coastal routes known for its rolling green hills and sunbathing Nguni cows. 

Along the West Coast, things get slightly colder that's for sure but a lot sportier. There are also the beautiful landscapes that make for romantic beach escapes and private getaways.

Whether you are planning to spend your long summer days soaking in a natural tidal pool or snorkelling, remember to do it safely - you might also want to take along one of these life-changing gadgets for good measure.


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