Find Your Escape: Island style

2017-07-09 09:01
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If you’ve not yet experienced the relaxation of an island holiday, then it’s high time you changed all that.

It's a special kind of relaxation - the kind your busy schedule has no doubt been craving.

As South Africans we can pick and choose from an extraordinary selection of tropical escapes just off our East African borders. From the tropical beaches in Mozambique, the ever-popular Vanilla Islands of Reunion and Mauritius, to those a bit further north such as Zanzibar and the remote archipelago of the Seychelles.

Each of these islands has a unique appeal far beyond lounging on the beach and finishing a good book, with a delicious cocktail in hand. Shalini Tewari rounds up five of the top island escapes you should be considering right here.  

Stop gasping at those screensaver images that have been popping up and dive right into planning the perfect, beach-busting island break for you and yours.


The Traveller24 Team