Visa-free island escapes for South Africans

2018-07-13 00:31
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Mozambique's culture-rich island experiences, Reunion's unique adventures and the Seychelles' natural seclusion - these are just some of the hassle-free, tropical holiday planning options for you to consider.  

Let's face it, whether you want a romantic escape or a solo island getaway, then Mauritius or Île Maurice as the French say, is often top of mind for South Africans. 

It also helps that air travel and connectivity is improving to these easy-access, beach breaks as Zanzibar entices more travellers by dropping stamp duty on air tickets

So whether you opt for the equally popular Maldives or are looking to tap into the lesser-explored experiences of Madagascar or St Helena - we've rounded-up the ultimate visa-free island planning reference to take you one step closer to your dream island holiday.  

With value-add package deals and enticing, but limited flights specials, there are some wanderlust-filled discussion for you to have this weekend. 


The Traveller24 Team