Weekend Wrap: Mali resort attack, DHA strike averted, manspreading uproar

2017-06-18 21:01 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - Hopefully you've enjoyed a nice, long-weekend break - but you'll be pleased to know there is a lot more quality time with loved ones on the horizon as the winter school holidays draw near.

This weekend we've rounded up some great staycation ideas, added to this the DHA strike expect to impact this busy holiday period has been averted. Knysna is on the mend and holidaymakers are most welcome.

A hot debate is on going about the practice of manspreading and of course if you're an aviation enthusiast you'll be delighted to know that the Paris air show kicks off this week with some serious new plane innovations.

Here are the stories you might have missed but need to know about:

UPDATE: Deaths confirmed as gunmen attack luxury resort in Mali

A tourist resort in Mali popular with Westerners is under attack by gunmen. Follow the live update here.

Suspected jihadists launched an attack on Sunday on a hotel resort in Mali's capital, taking hostages at a spot popular with foreigners on the weekends.

The number of casualties was unclear in the assault, which continued through the afternoon, authorities said.
Gunfire rang out at the Campement Kangaba on the outskirts of Bamako, according to a security official with the UN mission known as MINUSMA. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to journalists. Follow News24's coverage here

Home Affairs strike averted   

The department of home affairs has confirmed the pending nationwide strike planned for Monday 19 June has been called off. This follows the DHA’s withdrawal of measures to force its staff to work on Saturdays without paying them overtime but offering them a specified timetable of time off in lieu instead.

It has taken months of negotiation to resolve issues ongoing issues within the department, relating to front offices weekend working hours implemented in 2015 and the restructuring of time off in lieu instead of paid overtime. Read the full story here.

Many feared the intended strike would interrupt mandatory home affairs services ahead of one of our busiest periods in the year - the school winter holidays starting at the end of June.

Following the DHA’s withdrawal of the “circular introducing the shift system” it now has 10 days to review the process. 

School holidays and July Wanderlust

And as the winter school holidays draw near - it officially signals the middle of the year - and time for a much-needed recharge.  This weekend we’ve rounded up a few ideas for you to check out in our ultimate family staycation guide - from the coolest, cheap things to the Mother City, Joburg's top outdoor budget adventuresDurban's affordable family fun as well as PE's pocket-friendly ideas - there is no excuse not to have a good time. 

Winter is more than just about hibernating. It’s time for making some special memories - if you haven’t yet planned anything - fortunately South Africa is a family-holiday adventure playground. Whether you’re spoiling for a family escape in the wild - try one of these five ideas - or take advantage of one of these wonderful, winter specials.  For more - subscribe to our weekend newsletter here.

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#HopeForKnysna: 3 Aftermath videos you have to see    

And of course with the upcoming holidays, the iconic Garden Route town of Knysna is in need of serious help getting back on its feet. The call is for those who were planning to visit to keep the much-loved town on your itinerary.

We’ve rounded up three videos that will give you a real perspective of the devastating fires that claimed seven lives and displaced some 10 000 people. 

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#Manspreading: Madrid says no, should SA follow suit?

Public transport during rush hour is never fun, and it brings a whole other side to it when you're faced with inconsiderate commuters who tend to not obey the rules or realise the way they sit can be offensive. 

Enter the latest Change.org petition that has seen the practice of Manspreading being banned in Madrid, Spain.

Commuters on Madrid's buses have long been banned from putting their feet on seats or smoking, but from this week a new prohibition is in place, targeting male passengers: no "manspreading".

They're questioning the difference between how males and females are taught to sit and its overall impact. It adds that men, on the other hand, "have been given a sense of hierarchy and territoriality, as if the space belonged to them." We wonder if SA should have the same stance - what do you think? See the full story here

WATCH: Supersonic roars as Paris Air Show set to be dog fight for Airbus and Boeing

The aircraft industry descends on Paris Monday for the world's biggest air show, a prime battleground for bitter rivals Boeing and Airbus, but also a chance for new kids on the block to snap at the heels of the two giants. Click here to see more of the cool test flight footage.

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