Daily Skinny: COP23, Extreme SA weather, The worst place to host RWC 2023

2017-11-14 16:30
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Tea served in all kinds of SKINNY ways. Drink up!

CoP23: Climatic extremes SA's biggest climate change concern

Climate change is shaking the tables at some of SA's world heritage sites! 

Why SA is the worst place to host the Rugby World Cup 2023

South Africa is best for nothing... 

Appeals court allows partial enforcement of Trump travel ban

Another day, another Trump ban.. Make it STOP!

MAP: SA braces for extreme weather


Rio rethinks favela tourism amid wave of violence

Are favelas safe to visit?

Ferry McFerryface chosen as name of new Sydney ferry

Sydney christened a new boat "Ferry McFerryface"? Okay!

Family horrified by Glen Garriff visit but lion sanctuary says it's not what it seems

Lions in captivity a heated debate.

#ShockWildilfeTruths: Burning elephant calf photograph highlights growing conflict

Winning photo is not something you'd expect...

Cape Baboons adopting new trickery, experts warn

Cunning baboons use a "sit-and-wait" tactic, be careful. 

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