WATCH: Thunderstorms light up Pretoria

2017-12-13 09:30 - Kavitha Pillay
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Lightning in Pretoria on 12 December. (Photo: Sophia Kapp/ ReenvalSA/ Twitter)

Cape Town - Thunderstorms are no doubt frightening - especially after SA's severe storm on Monday, 11 December resulted in a tornado ripping through the Vaal Marina.

According to News24's latest report, the tornado caused massive damage to property and injured dozens of people. Following this extreme weather phenomenon, SA Weather Service warned that severe thunderstorms will continue in places over central and north-eastern parts of the country on Tuesday, 12 December.

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While thunderstorms are accompanied by lightning - which can be deadly if people do not take safe shelter - it presents some of the most spectacular backdrops and breathtaking sights that prove how beautiful and powerful Mother Nature can be.

The Twitterverse shared their images snapped of lightning in Pretoria, showing bright white bolts against a dark gloomy sky in some places, while other lightning strikes turned the sky into a canvas, creating warm, bright hues of orange, pink and red.

In addition to widespread thunderstorms, other parts of Gauteng also experienced heavy rain, hail and massive clouds - which all made for stunning images.

Check it out:

Following thunderstorms, a tornado, unusual cloud cover, heavy rain and hail in parts of SA on Monday and Tuesday, the country can expect fire danger conditions and gale force wind in places on Wednesday, 13 December. See the full weather update here.

Fire danger and gale force wind

While there are no severe thunderstorm alerts issued for Wednesday, SA Weather warns that extremely high fire danger conditions are expected over the western and central parts of Free State and North West, as well as central and eastern parts of Northern Cape.

A watch has been issued for gale force south-westerly wind of 65km/h between Cape St Francis and Port Alfred in Eastern Cape, from late afternoon on Wednesday. 

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