Cape Town makes UK list of World's Most Beautiful Cities

2015-09-14 20:00 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - Cape Town has been listed in the UK Times' World's Most Beautiful cities list. According to them, this South African city has that "in-your-face beauty of a craggy mountain range that drops precipitously into a glittering sea”.  

#LoveSA for the win! We couldn't agree with you more.

Added to this, they’ve noted the thriving art scene and vast selection of good food and wine as plenty of reason for you to visit. Cape Town claimed the number 12 spot in the overall list.  

Have a look at the top 12 list here...

12. Cape Town

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 11. Rome, Italy

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10. New York, USA

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9. Cambridge, UK

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8. Oxford, UK

7. Jerusalem

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6. Siena, Italy

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5. Istanbul, Turkey

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4. Paris, France

3. Luang Prabang, Laos

2. Florence, Italy

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1. Isfahan, Iran

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