WATCH | Passenger met with hazmat suits after showing 'flu-like' symptoms on flight

2020-01-28 13:59 - Marisa Crous
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This might not be the best time to fly with the flu... 

Besides spreading disease to other passengers and crew, sick people also have a high risk of having to divert the plane for a medical emergency, something that airlines try to avoid as much as possible.

In most airlines' terms and conditions, there's normally a section that notes that they can refuse carriage if they deem a passenger unfit to fly. 

A recent incident saw crew taking all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of passengers on board, as well as those on the ground, when a passenger showed symptoms of the flu. 

UPDATE: Hong Kong to stop all cross-border travel to mainland China

NBC reports that a passenger, who arrived in Baltimore from Las Vegas with SouthWest Airlines was, in fact, escorted off the plane because he showed pretty severe 'flu-like' symptoms.

He was removed as a precaution as he had recently been to Beijing, China where the coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly. The airline said that the passenger was removed "out of an abundance of caution" and met with people in hazmat suits as an extra safety measure. 

The man allegedly underwent a medical checkup once he disembarked the plane, and was later cleared by the Maryland Health Department, according to Express

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