WATCH | Influencer forces emergency landing after pretending to be infected with the coronavirus

2020-02-06 13:25 - Marisa Crous
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There is silly, and then there is just plain stupid! 

James Potok, an American artist and aspiring influencer got exactly what he bargained for on Monday, when he stood up on a WestJet flight from Toronto to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and made a completely false statement to everyone on board. Mid-flight, he announced that he had recently been to the Wuhan province in China, now synonymous with the deadly coronavirus outbreak. 

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Clad in a pink hoodie and wearing a protective face mask, he said he didn't expect a big reaction on board as he was hoping to make a viral video. "I figured it would invoke some kind of reaction — not on the plane, more people seeing on social media going, 'Wow, this kid's got some balls,' or, 'This kid is crazy,' whatever it is."

This irresponsible stunt caused an emergency landing, as the plane carrying over 250 people was forced to turn around two hours into the flight to Pearson International Airport.

Once on land, Potok was examined by medical professionals and arrested according to Business Insider US.   

Watch the interview with this prankster below: 

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