WATCH: Chopper flies upside down as New York City looks on in awe (and slight horror)

2019-05-27 13:52 - Marisa Crous
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This weekend, a chopper sponsored by energy drink Red Bull grabbed the attention of New York City locals and tourists alike when it dipped, flew upside down, did flips, barrel rolls, and nose dives ahead of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend’s Bethpage Air Show on Long Island. 

Wired reports that it was rather stomach-churning, especially considering helicopters are not necessarily built for aerobatics. Usually smaller planes engage in this kind of dip and flip trickery. 

So how did this come about you ask? Red Bull needed a pilot to go rogue in order to perform like this, and Aaron Fitzgerald was that guy. 

"You won't believe what this professional aerobatic helicopter pilot is capable of doing mid-air," says Red Bull.   

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Flying a Aerobatic Helicopter MBB BO-105, containing multipurpose light-twin-engine introduced in 1970 in Germany, the pilot was afforded the opportunity to manoeuvre about with ease.

And that he sure does. 

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Watch it here:

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