WATCH: Airport beverage cart spins out of control, almost hitting a plane before being taken out

2019-10-02 11:30
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When things go wrong on the job, some quick-thinking can mean the difference between how much damage is incurred.

In a viral video shot at Chicago's O'Hare Airport shared by Fox 32, a beverage cart servicing a plane started going berserk after a case of water fell on the gas pedal, spinning the car in reverse. 

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As airport workers tried to ascertain what to do, the cart was getting closer and closer to the workers and the plane, which would have caused some serious, expensive damage. Luckily one fast-thinking Envoy Air worker Jorge Manalang used a pushback vehicle and took out the cart, flipping it to the side where it finally stopped. 

“I’m incredibly proud of Jorge’s actions – he not only prevented severe damage to the aircraft, but more importantly, he prevented what could have been serious injury to his fellow ramp employees or our customers onboard,” said Ricky Deane, Envoy vice president in Chicago.

Even US President Donald Trump retweeted the video, praising Manalang for his actions.

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*Compiled by Gabi Zietsman

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