The best time to book cheap flights to almost anywhere in the world

2018-11-30 06:30
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Jet-setting through Europe to the rest of the world? If you're looking for the cheapest seats to give you more cash at your destination, certain times of the day, week and year are cheaper than others.

To help you figure it out, Get Going Insurance went through a flight aggregator to do this for you.

“Planning can often take up more time than necessary so it’s important you know what you're looking for," says Get Going. "Something as simple as the time of day or week could save you a great deal, especially if you’re on a budget or travelling with a group so this study gives a great insight for anyone looking to book a trip away.”

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They found that January is one of the cheapest months to book for flights to European countries - if you're willing to brave the winter - and early flights are the most popular as it gives them more time in their destination. Airlines also pull down their prices on morning and midday flights.

In terms of weekdays, the always awkward Tuesday comes out as number one for cheapest flights.

For short-haul flights in Europe, London Stansted Airport offers the cheapest airfare, including to Dubai.

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See below for the best options from London:

Year calendar infographic with cheapest flights

(Infographic: Get Going Insurance)

Most common flight paths in Asia

Get Going also collated the most popular flight paths in Asia.

The biggest route with 30 537 flights in 2018 is between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, followed by Hong Kong-Taipei (28 887) and Jakarta-Singapore (27 887).

In the top 10 four of the routes fly to Singapore, which includes routes with Hong Kong and Bangkok.

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Map of Asia with airports

(Infographic: Get Going Insurance) 

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