#ShamelessPassengers: 17 Airplane etiquette rules you shouldn't forget

2017-06-20 20:00
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Cape Town - From falling asleep on fellow flyers, to skipping queues and even eating hot, greasy foods on a flight, there are number of things we take for granted that could turn us into the next #ShamelessPassenger.

Here are 17 tips to note so you don't become a #ShamelessPassenger:

1. Never ask if you can skip someone in the security line. By doing this you unwittingly force someone into the dilemma of choosing to be nice to you at the cost of making other people in the queue irritated and angry. And people in the line don’t have the authority to allow you to skip the security queue anyway. If you’re late and panicking, get an agent involved or be on time.

2. Don’t ask a stranger to watch your stuff. No one can be trusted. By asking someone to watch your stuff not only can your belongings get stolen, but the last thing you need is illegal goods smuggled in your bag. Also, you never know when the stranger might need to abandon your goods to catch their own flight.

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3. You can’t get angry if someone “cuts” in front of you during boarding. Unlike the security queue where order and patience is a must, this queue works a little differently. Just take a deep breath and go with the flow – after all, you’re going to the same destination at the same time.

4. No hot food of any kind on a plane. There’s nothing more dreadful than being trapped on a flight next to a passenger eating food with a highly identifiable (and repulsive) smell. The only thing worse than that is suffering from motion-sickness while sitting next to someone eating said food.

5. If you can’t lift your own bag, don’t carry it on. How would you feel if someone couldn’t lift their bag into the overhead compartment and then dropped it on you?

6. Switching seats: You are morally obligated to offer to switch seats so someone can sit next to their child, elderly, or sick person in their accompaniment. Otherwise, you have the right to refuse the request.

7. Don't recline in economy. The amount of extra comfort you gain is nothing compared to the chain reaction of pain you have just set off behind you. And if you must recline, then turn around and ask the person behind you if it’s OK with them.

8. Middle seat gets the arm rests. The unlucky soul in the middle seat has one thing going for them: sole ownership of the middle armrests. At best, you can sort-of lean your elbow on the tiny edge of the armrest, and if they aren’t using it, you still can’t use it.

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9. Dealing with kids: You are allowed to say something to a parent if their sugar-high, five-year-old is kicking your seat, but you are expected to be patient and tolerant of a crying baby.

10. You are still responsible for yourself when you’re asleep. It’s not okay to wake someone up unless you need them to move aside so you could use the toilet. Also not permitted: loud snoring, falling over the armrest and nestling your head on other passengers.

11. Don’t “half” stand up when someone needs to get out of the row. Stand up like a decent person and step out into the aisle.

12. Walking down the aisle: Don’t grab the back of every seat when you walk down the aisle, and if you're carrying a bag, take it off and carry it by your side to avoid smacking it into someone.

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13. Control your liquor: You can drink at any point of the flight with freedom, but remain decent to fellow flyers.

14. Don’t stick your bare feet out in the aisle. If you must remove your shoes, keep them out of sight. And don’t fall asleep with your feet stretched out in the aisle - it’s your responsibility to remain aware enough to retract them when someone passes by.

15. Double the airsickness bag. Because despite the fact that these things are designed for one purpose only, they will fail you in the crucial moment.

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16. Do not rush to the front and cut people when you’re getting off the plane. Sole exception: asking politely if you can go ahead because you have a connecting flight.

17. Don’t aggressively crowd the belt in baggage claim. Leave space between you and the belt so other passengers can grab their bags if they see it.

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