Shameless Passengers 2019: From a slap to bare feet scrolling the entertainment system

2019-12-09 04:45 - Marisa Crous
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Every year we think we've seen it all. Yet, this year passengers became more messy than ever before. Oh, the humanity!

If you think this is bad... 

...then you haven't met our list of top shameless passengers of 2019 yet. These guys don't give two damns about their fellow passengers. Like, probably even less than that in fact.

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And the worst behaving passengers of 2019 are:

1. This passenger's contortions on a plane are mind boggling

Flying can be tough on your body, stiff muscles forming from sitting in one place for way too long. But one passenger has got just the routine for you - even if you might hit another passenger with your foot!

2. Passengers fight over window blind territory 

Two grown men were caught continually opening and closing a window shade in what must be the world's most ridiculous airplane fight we've seen in a long time.  

3. Man uses bare feet to scroll through entertainment system on a plane

Sometimes the offending feet are tucked away next to you under the seat, sometimes they impose themselves on the armrest in front of them - but in this video shared on Twitter, new levels are reached that will make you wonder if this is how it ends?

4. Passenger slaps Toks van de Linde's wife during in-flight argument

One individual made the serious mistake of not only swearing at the wife of former South African rugby players Toks van der Linde - he also slapped her. 

5. Passenger fakes pregnancy to avoid paying for excess luggage

In the past, passengers have tried all sorts of tactics to ensure they get away with carrying excess luggage on board without paying a fee. However, this woman might have taken things a bit too far.

Aussie, Rebecca Andrews opted to create a faux pregnancy bump using just her laptop and its charger. She did so to avoid paying the $60 (R888) for excess luggage on local Australian airline, Jetstar.

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