Poodle causes Japanese airport havoc

2017-10-09 14:08
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Tokyo - A poodle's dash for freedom briefly shut down one runway at a major Japanese airport on Monday, 9 October, forcing its owner to come out and catch the canine.

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Poodle pandemonium

The dog escaped at Tokyo's Haneda airport while cargo crews were loading its cage onto a Japan Airlines flight bound for Naha in Okinawa around 08:50, airport police say.

It appeared to enjoy its brief taste of freedom, dashing across a runway and sniffing around in grassy areas. 

This led to one of the four runways being shut down and caused 14 flight delays. According to Japan today the fluffy poodle dashed its way across and was captured 40 minutes after its escape. 

But officials had to close one of four runways for six minutes, which caused flight delays, say a police spokesman.

Japan Airlines told Japan Today that an investigation will be done to understand how this happened. Although it may have been a rather adorable incident it could have caused a dangerous accident.

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