Intoxicated passenger smoking a cigarette breaks flight attendant's leg aboard Russian airline

2019-05-20 09:11
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Talk about flying horror stories, this passenger's exit from the plane was definitely a very welcome one. 

Last week, Russian airline, Aeroflot's flight SU1307 from Novosibirsk to Moscow encountered some drama with a 36-year-old male passenger. The man boarded the plane at 10:30am in the morning, intoxicated and smoking a cigarette.

Quite early to be drinking, or drunk for that matter, but after the same airline made headlines just two weeks earlier after it crash landed in Moscow, killing 41 people, it maybe makes a tiny bit more sense. 

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Travel and Leisure reports that the man was hostile while boarding as the flight attendant asked him to put out his cigarette. He assualted the flight attendant, and pushed him into the cockpit where he fell and, subsequently, broke his leg. The passenger then, allegedly, went after the two pilots.

Luckily, the crew managed to restrain the drunk man and handed him over to police, delaying the flight by about 20 minutes. 

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The man was charged with 'air hooliganism' and violence and was blacklisted from all future Aeroflot flights. 

What's next for Aeroflot? 

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