INFOGRAPHIC: The top passenger plane models used by airlines

2018-12-24 06:30 - Ethan Van Diemen
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Passenger airplane landing at dusk

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The year is nearing its end and it is a bit of an understatement to say that it has been an interesting year for aviation and the industry.

The inexorable forward march of technological progress has been quite pronounced this year with commitments made by major players in aviation to make things such as supersonic flight a reality again - and more silent - as well as flying cars for greater urban mobility.

These are a way off though, but for now travellers can look forward to travelling in some of the most modern aircraft models when they take to the skies in 2019 and beyond.

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According to international bank HSBC, the average traveller takes at least 6.5 flights per year. HSBC says some 11.9 million people are flying daily – creating a make-shift virtual country in the sky. Dubbed the citizens of Skyland, they further estimate that the average traveller spends the equivalent of two full days and nights (about 50 hours) per year in the sky. It follows that it might be nice to know a bit more about these flying machines that take you around the world. 

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If you fly Emirates, you'll likely be on either one of their A380's, with a total of 108 in service or one of the 164 Boeing 777's they have in service as the biggest users of these aircraft.

Still their 274 aircraft seem paltry compared to the more than 700 aircraft in the Lufthansa group's fleet, at least 10 of which are the A330-300's. Different airlines make use of different planes for different routes in different parts of the world for different reasons - what remains the same is that they're all likely to be using one of the models in the table below.

Sorted according to seat capacity, chances are you're likely to find yourself reclining or sleeping in the skies in one of the below aircraft on your next travel adventure:

*A previous version of this table had range data affected by the table embed, which has since been corrected. The above data shows estimates as listed by the aircraft manufacturers. 

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