INFOGRAPHIC: New innovative application at Dubai Airport aims to reduce turnaround delays

2018-12-21 09:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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(Photo: iStock)

Flying through Dubai International Airport is going to get a lot smoother with Emirates' new innovative application Hub Monitor, which was deployed in August to test its potential.

Developed in-house, it provides real-time updates to staff involved in aircraft turnarounds at the airport. Through its monitoring and proactive alerting system, the application helps to avoid delays and improve on-time performance ultimately leading to a better passenger experience.

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Around 255 Emirates flights depart Dubai every day, making it crucial for the airline to have fast turnaround times between landing and departure. 

It currently takes about 105 minutes to turnaround the Emirates A380, the world’s largest commercial passenger jet, and about 90 minutes to prepare the Boeing 777 aircraft for departure at Emirates’ hub in Dubai.

Some of the activities involved in preparing a plane for takeoff include a complete cleaning of aircraft interiors, water and toilet servicing, flight catering and loading meals for passengers, servicing the aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), refuelling the aircraft, maintenance checks, and loading passenger luggage and cargo.

A delay in one of these processes will create a chain reaction throughout the other operations.

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Infographic with a plane

(Infographic: Emirates)

“The Hub Monitor application is a unique and innovative tool developed in line with our vision to continuously re-examine our processes and introduce smart and more efficient means to improve our operations resulting in better passenger experience," says Adel Al Redha, Emirates' executive vice president and COO.

"Our operations team in coordination with IT have led the development of the hub monitoring system in a record time of five months, building on an existing solution that was already developed by Emirates Engineering. The team examining the various functions of Hub Monitor in real time are working to roll out further modules and the next module will be implemented later this month.”

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What the application does is monitor the time it takes to complete a process in real time, and pings off an alert if there's any delay or deviation to any above or below wing activity against a pre-set Precision Timing Schedule (PTS). This gives staff at all levels time to preempt and adjust for any delay that might occur.

All this information will be provided to the relevant staff in a mobile format, making the data accessible on-the-go. 

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