Airbus has some crazy airplane patent designs

2017-09-14 12:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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(Patent Office/Airbus)

(Patent Office/Airbus)

Cape Town - A few airplane companies have patented some crazy designs over the last few years, hoping to cash in on ideas before they become the norm.

Airplanes haven't had a massive change in design for decades, and it feels like the world is due for an upgrade. But if these patented designs from Airbus are anything to go by, our aviation future seems to be full of doughnut-shaped planes, crammed full with passengers that are stacked on top of each other and cocooned in their own entertainment world.

Here are some of Airbus' craziest patents that will make you thankful for your seat on the next flight.

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Airbus submitted a patent in 2014 that might make you a little hungry. This doughnut-shaped design will have passengers enter the plane through the hole in the middle and have them sit in a circle, with little options for window seats.

It will supposedly reduce the challenges of keeping the cabin pressurised and will increase passenger capacity of more classic models. The flying wing design is also more aerodynamic than traditional planes.

Many might nitpick the windowless seats part though.


Patent Office

Last year Airbus submitted a much improved new airplane patent, which looks at getting airplanes to lift off vertically like a helicopter, which will result in airports needing less space. 

The rotors getting off the ground will be packed away into the airplane once the plane starts moving forward. 

Basically, this is a very large version of a drone.

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Airbus, who submits hundreds of patents a year, also submitted this entertainment helmet that would help passengers isolate themselves even more from their fellow travellers, by immersing themselves with a video with a screen close to the face and headphones all rolled into one.

Whether or not it will be able to drown out crying and seat-kicking toddlers is still debatable. 


Patent Office

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Again, Airbus got people talking with their stacked seats idea in 2015, where people would be able to have a flatbed option without the heavy price tag, though at the cost of headroom.

It has a bit of a sardine effect, but Airbus claims that with just a little reclining inwards it wouldn't be so bad. Takes the idea of 'sky high' a little far.

Airbus/Patent Office

Patent Office

Last year, Airbus submitted a slightly less insane idea with bench-style seating, which will accommodate families and larger passengers.

The seats would be easily configurable depending on the needs, with adjustable seat belts. 

Lovers looking to join the 'mile-high club' might also love this idea.

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