Why a spa day is like a mini-holiday

2019-03-12 12:05 - Gabi Zietsman
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Your back is breaking from the office chair. The aircon is whizzing in the background. Your coworker is crunching loudly on their uber healthy kale salad.

After work, it's a run for the gym class so you don't feel like a complete slob at life, and at home it's either chaos with the family, drinks out with friends or a night long stare into the abyss of Netflix.

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You need a break from everything and everyone - but your bank account and zero leave days say no. 

But there's something you can do that will make it feel like that you're off somewhere with palm trees getting rubbed down by a handsome Julio - even if it is just for an hour.

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Here's why a spa day is like taking a mini-holiday.

Get that holiday destress in the space of half a day

Holidays are normally designed to open up those stress taps and let it flow out of you before you go off on a Nicholas Cage rage spiral. But instead of a few days, you can open that faucet to full blast and get that stress out in about an hour's time - perfect for those constantly on the go.

Pro tip: Remember to let your mind switch off as well with some slow Yoga breathing exercises.

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You get a similar thrill from researching what kind of treatment you want

Not all spa activities are created equal, and depending on what areas you want to focus on you'll have to do a little bit of research to figure out the difference between a Thai and a Swedish. This will almost give you the same kind of thrill as when you're looking up destinations for a holiday - and we all know that's half the fun of travelling.

Pro tip: If you want a general full body kneading opt for the Swedish - the Thai one is for those who want to suffer.

You can make a day of it or squeeze it into your lunchtime

You can take a whole day off on the weekend and pamper yourself like the goddess you are, or if time is a constraint try and squeeze in a 45-minute full-body or half-hour Indian head massage on your lunch break or straight after work.

Be prepared though for some glares when you get back to the office with a goofy smile on your face - or better yet take some of your coworkers with!

Pro tip: Radisson Red in Cape Town just launched their massage parlour Chilli Bang Bang on their rooftop where you can take a quick break from rooftop drinks for a foot massage, but be prepared for loud city noises. Also note availability is weather-dependent.

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You'll disappear to another country if your surroundings match the mood

If you're walking into a room with rainforest sounds playing in the background, enveloped in soft green and brown colours and perhaps a Buddha statue or two in the corner, you're definitely going to feel like you've escaped your hometown or city and got whisked off to some Yoga retreat in Bali.

Pro tip: You will get what you pay for, and if the deal is super cheap it most probably means the room will look more like a doctor's room than an oasis of calm.

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