WATCH | The cutest airport family reunion - complete with dinosaur costumes

2020-01-16 11:45
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Airport reunions can be some of the most touching scenes, loved ones finally seeing each other again after a long time or over a long distance.

But one family might have nailed the most perfect airport reunion - and the video is making everyone's hearts melt. 

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A few years ago a grandmother surprised her grandkids by arriving in a T-rex costume at the airport - which terrified everyone, according to View from the Wing.

When she came for a visit again in 2019, the two plotted to get her back - with two dinosaur costumes of their own.

But their plan was foiled by a quick-thinking granny who also arrived in her old dinosaur costume again!

This resulted in an abundance of dinosaurs at the Victoria, British Columbia airport - making for one amazing reunion for onlookers!

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You might have to bring your A-game the next time you pick up a loved one at the airport.

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