Twitter reacts: Rapper AKA wants only local music on SAA flights

2018-07-18 10:59 - Gabi Zietsman
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Depending on whether you're flying international or domestic - and how much you paid for your ticket - the onboard flight entertainment is vital to get you through those long flights when your phone's battery just died and you're trying to forget about your seatmate's thigh brushing up against yours.

Even on some domestic flights, you might find yourself craning above the seat in front of you to stare at the subtitled communal screens to help pass the time without internet, or plug into the armrest with airline-supplied headphones that don't quite fit your head.

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As you flick through the content - movies, TV shows and music - what is it exactly you're looking for? And do you want more local content?

Local rapper AKA apparently wants something a little more Mzansi on his flight playlist, according to a question he posed to South African Airways (SAA) on Twitter. He asked the national carrier if it would not be better to showcase only South African music on its onboard lineup. 

He didn't mention anything regarding movies or whether he thinks his music should be featured, but many of his Twitter followers drew their own conclusions at what he was hinting at.

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SAA's onboard entertainment is sourced through Six Degrees, who license the content you see on their flight screens, although they are directed by SAA on what content to buy.

SAA responded to AKA's Tweet from their customer service Twitter handle, just stating they will forward his suggestion to the higher-ups.

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The Saffa Twitterverse however did not disappoint with their own responses to the suggestion: