Top 5 animal oracles making predictions for the #WorldCup

2018-07-02 19:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Football jersey being put on white cat

Achilles the Cat is one of many oracle animals making predictions for the FIFA World Cup. (Photo: Wochit Entertainment, YouTube)

While many betting on the FIFA World Cup uses stats to predict the winner of the various games, some are placing their bets on the predictions of animal oracles.

The favourite oracle of all - and arguably one of the most accurate - was Paul the Octopus who accurately predicted the winners for the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa. He unfortunately didn't live long enough to see another World Cup, but his 85.7% accuracy is sorely missed in this year's World Cup.

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His legacy however flourishes in the new generation of animal oracles, hailing from around the world ready to dole out their forecast to eager fans. Only one furry friend from the host nation seems to have a high prediction rate so far, but this World Cup has had so many upsets that it's any beast's game.

Achilles the Cat, Russia

Host country Russia has their own animal oracle helping predict how their team will fare in the World Cup. Achilles the cat, completely deaf and living in St Petersburg's Hermitage museum, is the reigning champion for this year's Oracle world cup.

He chooses his winning team by eating out of the bowl corresponding with the team's flag, and so far has been very positive about his homeland.

Zabiyaka the Goat

Russia's Samara Zoo held a vote for its current football oracle - Zabiyaka the goat - who is also the ambassador for the World Cup host city. The 3-year-old goat has been getting double her food as payment for her services.

She beat out a psychic squirrel monkey, python, skunk, camel and even a hen for the title.

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Zella the Elephant

A psychic elephant from Germany - Zella - predicted early on that the German team would be knocked out in the early rounds, but also predicted that Senegal will be taking home the ultimate glory - they unfortunately never made it to the Round of 16.

Her other German competition is a baby polar bear, who lives in Gelsenkirchen, but he wrongly predicted a win for the Mannschaft. Who knows, she may be more of a jinx than an oracle.

Mystic Marcus the Pig

Reported by BBC to have 'special powers', veteran animal oracle Mystic Marcus from Derbyshire in the UK has so far predicted that Belgium, Argentina,  Nigeria and Uruguay will be in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Argentina and Nigeria have already been knocked out, although Uruguay has moved on to the quarterfinals. Belgium is still set to play in the Round of 16 on 2 July.

Previously Marcus correctly predicted the 2014 World Cup winner, the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump's presidency, so perhaps the micro pig is just warming up.

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Mystic Meerkats

The animal predictions from Drayton Manor is more of a group effort, with their predictions done by a group of meerkats. Given the choice of mealworms underneath opposing teams' flags, the prediction is done by numbers.

The London Zoo has their own group of Mystic Meerkats, according to The Sun, and predicted accurately that England will beat Tunisia, although they were off by one goal in their prediction of the score.