Summer Safety: Beware the Swim Reaper

2017-11-02 14:30 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town – The Swim Reaper makes your basic beach photos look boring as he adds a deathly filter to it.

This take on the usual beach or travel photos we see has made the Swim Reaper a travel influencer with the scary sass to match it.

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Ghoulish goals

If you are sick of seeing the basic beach images of ice cream-holding, bae holding your hand as you walk into the water, cocktail-drinking and 'legs that look like hot dogs angle' – then the Swim Reaper Instagram account will be a breath of fresh air from the rudimentary.  

The hilarious Instagram account was created by the New Zealand government to educate the country about water safety according to the Metro. The rendition of death personified is a gentle and spooky reminder that we need to be cautious during water activities. We have to admit this idea is genius and has gathered more than 52 000 followers – waiting to see what he does next.

According to Water Safety New Zealand, 105 people die each year in New Zealand due to lack of water safety and 56 people have already died in 2017 owing to swimming while intoxicated.

The Swim Reaper reminds people not to ‘drink and dive’ and that he is always waiting on the ‘other side’. Although his posts may be blunt we are sure that his scythe is sharp. Halloween may be over but that doesn’t stop the Swim Reaper from sharing his thoughts on water safety.

With water-shedding imminent in Cape Town, the city might need a water reaper of its own – reminding folks to use water wisely.

The Swim Reaper is always reminding people that he is watching and that he won’t be saving you for your ‘dumb decisions’ as he points out in his posts.

This is what I call “swimmin’ juice”. Knock back a few of these and just relax into drowning ??

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The Swim Reaper loves ice cream. 

Goody goody dumb drops! My fave. #icecream #youscream?

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As an influencer, he has to have the animal float post #travelblogger.

#tbt reapin’ the waterfalls with my trusty steed #giddyup #mypony #squadgoals?

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The Swim Reaper can also be really basic if he wants to. #jokesonyou

Lol #justbeingbasic

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Local water-safety

In South Africa, 600 children die each year from drowning according to National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI). NSRI conducted a report of the 2016 fatalities and concluded over 2 000 fatal drownings.

This horror-themed reminder is coming at the right time for South Africans as we head to the beach this festive season. Remember to drink responsibly - avoid the water if you have had too many drinks.

(Netcare Health South Africa)

Remember that even during summer fun, there are precautions to take.

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