South Africans take a dig at stereotypes as racial Q&A goes viral

2017-10-31 19:00 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - South Africa has racial stereotypes second to none, stemming back from the apartheid era. 

And with all the racial divides we've been trying to cross, especially of late, if we cannot laugh together, we may just end up crying.

This is evident with a recent viral Facebook post calling on black South Africans to ask white people one question you always wanted to know. Posted by Louwrence van Niekerk also known as 'Joburger'  it is quickly gaining traction, with more than 17 000 comments, more than 13 000 shares and more than 16 thousand likes, haha’s, wows and hearties.

While the post has been met with a few negative responses regarding the questions, Joburger says he sees this as a way of "uniting SA" and replied by saying, "I love how something as simple as a Facebook page and some silly questions can bring all South Africans together. You guys are f****** awesome.”

As for the questions, well, they were nothing short of pet habits, flat bums, two left feet, k-way jackets and, of course, the land.

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A question that seems to have gotten everyone talking was Kuhle Kema's question of whether or not white fathers also desert their families.

Bringing the burning issue of broken families to the fore with an injection of some humour, he asked white people: “Do your dads also go to the shop and never come back?”.

Following this was Buzile Bubs Mtetwa asking why white folks always "test God?".

“White folks... are you guys immortal, I mean, Why do you test God? Free falling? Jumping from one building to another? Free diving? Everything that has the possibility of dying you do. I mean even in the movies you go look for the f***** killer Whyyyyyyyy?," he asked. 

Taking it to the dance floor, Phehello Motlhake wanted to know why white folks can't keep up with the beat when dancing and in the replies, one white lady says it is a “sensitive topic” that white people preferred not to talk about.

Bringing in the issue of land, Jushiel Nagin answered saying, “It all comes back to the stolen land... Guilty feet have got no rhythm”.

And while still on the land subject, Veshalin Naidoo wanted to know if the land would ever be given back.

“Soooo when are you going to give the land back?” he asked. 

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Rather going the opposite direction of not asking a question, but making a statement, Cee Mac wrote an open letter asking white folks to "refrain from setting the air-condition".

"Dear White People of Corporate South Africa.

Standard Room Temperature is 23°c.

Can you kindly refrain from setting the Air-conditioner to " uit die BLOW van onse hemel"

Kind Regards

Black South Africans," he wrote. 

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Here are some of the questions black people asked white people:

"Why do white woman go to a salon pay big money only to come out looking the same?"

"Is it compulsory to have a K-way jacket from birth??"

"Why don’t you guys scream and faint at funerals?? Why are yall so calm?? It’s very suspicious!!" 

"Why y’all get hyped up for Sweet Caroline?"

"Are these [a khaki shirt] only for farmers and where do they sell these?"

"Why do you change your accents when you talk to black people? You do realize we are able to understand you when you just speak normally?"

"Why can’t you accept that your daughter Brittanny is madly in love with Chairpoo I mean Tshepo. lol we preety nice people."

"Why do you think it’s okay to let your dog kiss you on the lips?"

"Why do you guys have that orange tan when you poor?"

"How do you guys talk back to your parents and still get rice cakes packed for lunch? And what's up with rice cakes anyway?"

"White ladies, not every black person in the store works there. So why do you always turn to [the] next black person and ask if they have this in your size. We also don't know."

"Why is it so necessary to swim all the way in the middle of the ocean? Is that where y’all go get these privileges we can’t reach?"

"At what age do your kids stop sitting on the stroller? What is the general appropriate age that a white kid can start walking by themselves? Coz we been seeing some ten year olds being wheeled around at the mall, looking like they already tired of adulting."

"Why do yall assume every black person lives in Soweto and speaks Zulu? lol I mean we dont think you all from brakpan and speak Afringlish."

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