PICS: Would you plan your next holiday according to a country's colour palette?

2019-02-15 06:30
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Life without travel and colour may seem a rather dull experience. But what often we ignore how colour influences our perceptions of a destination. 

Travel gives you the opportunity to see new sights and stunning landscapes – but the colours we discover can differ from one country to the next. 

If you're looking for an innovative and creative way to choose your next travel destination, perhaps you should let the dominant colours of a country decide for you. Not only will a trip abroad bring fresh experiences of architecture, culture, and weather, but an entirely different colourscape. 

In a new study by Sovereign - a luxury travel agency - iconic images of a range of countries around the world have been broken down into their dominant colour palettes – whether that’s the vibrant reds and blues of the beaches and buildings of Mexico, the natural yellows, browns, and greens of Botswana’s plains, or the clear blues and whites of the architecture and seas among Greek islands.

The recognisable differences in colour palettes are due to the unique combinations of each country’s architecture, natural surroundings and climate.

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These are some of the colour palettes you can expect by visiting the following countries: 

1. Thailand

With colourful and bright cities and lush, verdant landscapes, Thailand’s palette is an impressive conglomeration of different colours; featuring everything from a bright cerulean to scarlet and magenta.

colourscape, travel, colour(Image: Supplied, Sovereign)

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2. South Africa

While plenty of Mzansi is urbanised, the vast panoramas of mountains and safari-ready bushveld and plains make the dominant colours a range of various greens, from juniper to pear, and burnt orange to browns, like tawny and cantaloupe.

colourscape, travel, colour(Image: Supplied, Sovereign)

3. Egypt  

The land once home to pharaohs and some of the earliest forms of organised human society, the hot and sandy Egypt's colouring is marked by the arid vistas around famous structures like the pyramids as well as sandstone-tinted cities, with burning burgundies and tan peanut browns.

colourscape, travel, colour

(Image: Supplied, Sovereign)

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4. India 

The home of the Holi festival would rightly be assumed to be a colourful place. Sandy reds and browns sit alongside some vibrant shamrock greens. Iris purples and Aegean blues are interspersed amongst the greys that come with major cities.

colourscape, travel, colour(Image: Supplied, Sovereign)

5. Singapore 

Clean, efficient, small and honest - the city-state of Singapore is an urban oasis of colour and light. While the day palette has primarily blues and greys, the nightscape of Singapore means there are gorgeous purples, pine greens, and rose reds. 

colourscape, travel, colour(Image: Supplied, Sovereign)

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To see even more palettes and country colourscapes, follow this link.

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