PICS: Stunning Supermoon rises over SA

2016-11-14 22:00
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Cape Town - The biggest Supermoon we've seen in 68 years might have left many luna-lovers slightly frustrated as they tried their best to capture it. But those with a bit of tenacity and a little bit of prime positioning hit a few sweet spots of note - capturing what many have been preparing for weeks to see.

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On Monday evening, 14 November 2016, the moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual as it came closest to earth since 1948. Although December brings another Supermoon, the next one of this proportion will only be seen 18 years from now in 2034. 

The moon was at its fullest on at 15:52 local time in SA on Monday evening, with Cape Town's moonrise taking place at 19:25 and Joburg's moonrise at 18:33. Durban's moonrise at 18:26.

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While we could physically see the Supermoon from South Africa, there was also this live stream of the Supermoon in high definition

Here are some of the most beautiful images shared across the globe, including one from our very own stargazing capital Sutherland. Want to share your images with us, email

Shared by Simon Fishley, it shows the Supermoon rising next to the Southern African Large Telescope near Sutherland in the Northern Cape. Fishley says while he took many pics, this one was "a perfect shot as it caught the moon before it got whiter and the dome progressively dimmer".  
"I like this one as the moon has just cleared the horizon and the fynbos is backlit by the moon." Fishley captured the image on a Canon EOD 600D with a 250mm lense at full zoom. 

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The Supermoon as seen over the Grand Palace in Bangkok. (Photo: AP/Sakchai Lalit)

The moon rises over the Mediterranean Sea as a couple stand by the "Ayious Saranta" church in Cape Greco at the eastern part of the island of Cyprus. (Photo: AP/Petros Karadjias)

The moon rises behind the eagle sculpture high atop LeVeque Tower in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo: AP/Adam Cairns)

The moon is slightly covered with clouds as it rises over the banking district in Frankfurt, Germany. (Photo: AP/Michael Probst)

More pics over Cape Town... 

Initially Joburg was, "What Supermoon..."

But then the Supermoon really came out to play

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