PICS: Stargazing photographers' creativity astounds in Royal Observatory Greenwhich 2019 shortlist

2019-06-20 10:30
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The Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 has once more received thousands of outstanding images - and the creativity is incredible in capturing the spectacular Milky Way over the picturesque Bavarian mountain, to colourful explosion of the Southern Lights at the east coast of Tasmania.

The competition, which is run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, sponsored by Insight Investment and in association with BBC Sky at Night Magazine, is now in its eleventh year and has broken the record number of entries once more, receiving over 4 600 entries from enthusiastic amateurs and professional photographers, taken from 90 countries across the globe. 

Shortlisted images from this year’s entrants include an Aurora shaped like a bird spreading its wings and flying over a destroyed military hydroelectric station in Murmansk, a bright display of noctilucent clouds as seen from Thurso Beach in the north of Scotland and the remnants of an 1860s pier illuminated by the majestic purple hues of our galaxy. 

Take a look at some of the entries below... 

the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astrono

The Remnants © Marcin Zajac 

 the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astron

Fiery Lobster Nebula © Suavi Lipinski

 the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astron

Embrace of the mountains, heart of the universe! © Majid Ghohroodi 

 the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astron

Catching Light © Jason Perry 

 the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astron

Aurora outside the tiny cave © Sutie Yang

 the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astron

Aurora is a bird © Alexander Stepanenko 

 the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astron

Albany Milkyway © Yifan Bai

Photographers have also captured sights from across our Solar System, galaxy and the wider universe; from the planetary nebula located in the constellation of Aquarius, the Helix Nebula that lies more than 650 light-years away; the Sculptor galaxy that was discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783 and known as a starburst galaxy for its intense star formation regions; to the second largest planet in our solar system, Saturn, which is wreathed by a complex system of icy rings and surrounded by more than sixty moons.

The competition’s judges include renowned comedian and keen amateur astronomer, Jon Culshaw; Art Editor of BBC Sky at Night Magazine Steve Marsh and a host of experts from the worlds of art and astronomy. The winners of the competition’s nine categories and two special prizes will be announced on Thursday 12 September at a special award ceremony at the National Maritime Museum.

The winning images will be displayed in an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum from Friday 13 September, alongside a selection of exceptional shortlisted images. Winners and shortlisted entries will also be published in the competition’s official book, available in September from bookstores and online.   

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