PICS | Puppy 'intuitively' stops owner from heading to Wuhan by chewing up her passport

2020-01-30 08:45 - Marisa Crous
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Did this dog have a sixth sense of some sort, or did the owner just get lucky? 

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Bored Panda reports that a (super cute) Golden Retriever pup by the name of Kimi, recently destroyed its owner’s passport - ripping it to complete shreds!

The Taiwanese owner apparently found her chewed up passport on her bed, just before flying to Wuhan, China. Currently, the very epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak

Posting pics on Facebook of the passport and the guilty-looking doggie, the owner says, "Once I got back to the room and found this scene!". Apparently she was unable fly to her destination with a passport in this state. 

Did the dog intuitively do this to prevent its owner from being put in harms way? 

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