Man flabbergasted by R20 bill to use Durban restaurant's toilet

2017-05-05 14:33 - Marietjie Gericke (Netwerk24)
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Cape Town - Reeza Khan says he's just had his most expensive pee and paid Vat on it to boot.  

Netwerk24 reports Khan posted to Facebook saying he’d been shocked when the Jolly Grubber restaurant in Durban had billed him R20 per person to use their toilet facilities. The VAT on his R40 bill was R4.91. 

“It’s the most expensive pee I’ve ever had in a restaurant.”

The restaurant responded by saying – also on Facebook – that clients didn’t have to pay to use the toilet. 

“However, for non-patrons that support other establishments but choose to use our facilities, there is a service charge of R20 p/p.

“This isn’t a matter of humanity, compassion or religion.  There are free public facilities available just a stones throw away, which everyone used all these years before we opened our doors.”

A notice at the entrance to the restaurant reads (click here to see the image): “Buying just drinks, will not qualify you for using these toilets. Therefore it is unlawful/dishonest/theft/haraam to use this facility without permission.

"A service charge of R20 per person is payable at the counter," it added. “This is not a public toilet."

The restaurant said on its post that some people think it is their ”God given” right that it had to provide toilet facilities.

“We have to pay the rent, water- and sanitation costs, as well as maintenance and labour."

The restaurant said its profit margin on drinks was low and didn’t cover the use of the toilet, “especially  if you just buy a bottle of water and, even worse, when four people share a bottle water just in order to use the toilet”.  

Neither Khan nor the owner of the restaurant, Junaid Moola, could be reached for comment.

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