Lucky charms around the world

2017-10-30 20:00 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - Humans have used good luck charms for thousands of years for many things - including bringing financial success or warding off evil. 

Many people believe that they need the luck to succeed in life. Others feel very insecure in this ever-changing and uncertain world and are looking for something to boost their confidence in their belief that all will go smoothly for them in life.

Some good luck charms are seen throughout many cultures while some are unique to a certain culture as it has its own superstitions and its own charms for keeping on the right side of fate.

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These charms are small, usually inexpensive, and available in markets and shops the world over. They’re also an easy way to bring home a bit of local culture. 

For instance, in Africa, the gris-gris, a voodoo amulet made of a small cloth bag is believed to protect its wearer from evil and bring luck. The amulet is usually inscribed with verses from the Qur'an, containing a ritual number of small objects, which is worn on the person.

In keeping with Halloween vibes, NetentStalker has rounded up 19 good luck charms to ward off evil from around the world - take a look.

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