#WildlifeWednesday: The high-flying Cape Gannet

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This week our animal for #WildlifeWednesday is the high-flier Cape Gannet.

The Cape Gannet is an amazing flier, and plunges from insane heights into the sea to catch their meal. They hit the water at speeds between 40 – 120 km/h.

They only breed in South Africa and Namibia on islands close to the mainland, and the biggest colony is on Malgas Island in the Eastern Cape. Unfortunately, their numbers have been declining in our neighbouring country.

At Lambert’s Bay Bird Island, the island is easily accessible and you can see the birds up close. The island is also used for research and they record the population every day.

Mating pairs stay together for several years, and normally only one egg is laid at a time. The mom and dad both help incubate the egg.

Parents look after their young for 97 days before they are able to go out and forage for themselves. A Cape Gannet live up to 17 years.