WATCH: Video will make you do an about-turn on disability parking spots

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If you ever considered using a disabled parking bay when you or your passengers are not disabled, then this video will certainly send you on a guilt trip and make you do a 'U-turn'.

The creators of this cleverly constructed campaign aimed to send a message across to non-disabled people to be more considerate of those who need disabled parking bays.

The video shows a number of empty wheelchairs in the middle of non-disabled parking bays with stuck-on notes such as “See you in two minutes!” This stirred the bewilderment of passers-by in an attempt to get them to think about what it feels like to be on the receiving end of such “parking excuses”, and deter them from using disabled parking spots.

With emphasis placed on Universal Access (UA), as more destinations and tourism attractions provide more ways for the sight, hearing and mobility impaired to enjoy them, it is imperative for all travellers to show consideration for disabled travellers and abide by the rules and laws governing universal access.