WATCH: Tortoise survives elephant stampede

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Any animal caught in the midst of elephants would fear being crushed, so when a tortoise survived the stampede of a herd of thirsty elephants at a waterhole, we were quite relieved!

Shared by Latest Sightings, who says “in the animal kingdom, it is more like saved by your shell”, the video was watched live by viewers from all over the world through WildEarth’s live webcam, who witnessed the miraculous sight as it unfolded.

A lone tortoise was quenching its thirst when suddenly, a rumble began, forcing the tortoise to go into its shell.

“A thirsty herd of elephants in the Pilanesberg strolled down to the watering hole for a drink from the Kwa Maritane lodge,” says Latest Sightings, adding that the elephants “seemed to be aware of the tortoise’s presence and were very careful to step over the tortoise or only bump him gently with their giant feet”.

“Everyone watching was just waiting for the unfortunate moment that one elephant didn’t see this unusual ‘rock’ and steps right onto it. But it miraculously didn’t happen!”